Our Story

Established in 2008 Tru Line came to be through a passion for art and Disc Golf. In 2000 I began playing on some of the most technically demanding courses in Northern California, challenging myself in everyday play and eventually competing in events. Through that a spark was lit,  I knew there was something more that could be done to make the event more memorable and exciting for the players.

Life on the road for Tru Line Events started in 2008 and went on through 2014 were my wife, brother Micheal and I traveled with our family hosting up to 13 events a year in 14 cities across the Mid-West and West Coast. States included in this journey were Nebraska, Wyoming and California, in addition we went on to hosting the very first PDGA sanctioned event on August 10, 2010 in Cheyenne Wyoming which was a very exciting moment for our family to be a part of.

We had the opportunity to meet many people from different walks of life and it inspired us to be great at what we had created. In 2014 Tru Line called a end to its 6 year life on the road hosting these memorable events,  it was a bittersweet moment for us as we loved hosting such epic events and seeing all the players that frequented them.

But there was no denying that other aspects of the business had been growing throughout the years of hosting events and it was time to take that opportunity that we worked so hard to achieve and put it in motion. We now are a company that operates full time and we specialize in Graphic Design, Sublimation printing, Custom Apparel, Branding, Course Signage, Photographic Art Panels, Web Design and so much more, we can Design and Print on just about anything.

Many have asked were we have gone because of our absence in running Tru Line Events and while we do miss hitting the road with the family and hosting some of the most memorable events of our lives for the masses we truly love what Tru Line has become and where it is going.

Maybe one day you will see one of our event flyers up around a course that you are playing, talking about an upcoming Tru Line Event heading towards a town near you, But until then stay Tru.


From The Tru Line Family.